Google Pay for PC on Windows [7/8/8.1/10] Mac

Google Pay for PC

If your child is studying in another town, when he asks you to send money you simply go to the near bank branch and stand in a queue and fill the form and submit and give the money to the clerk of the bank.

In return, he asks you various questions, if something is not filled well inform you have to follow the process again stand in a line and send money.

But with the help of the online payment app like Google Pay for PC, you do not need to do these traditional things.

Simply create an account on Google Pay by giving the Mobile no and adding your bank account in it.

When it comes to sending money to the other behalf ask his/her mobile number that is attached to the bank account and you should use Google Pay for Windows PC and Mac. Download Also: ShareMe for PC, Reface App for PC, SHAREall for PC.

If you not happy using this brilliant Payment app on small screen devices, then you should read this guide and follow it till the end.

And download the Google Pay for PC, over Windows, Mac, Laptop and Computer. Read Also: 3X VPN for PC, Sharechat for PC, MX ShareKaro App for PC.

Does Google Pay for PC safe?

Google Pay for Windows

When it comes to safety, google follows the guidelines provided by the NPCI/RBI and you do not need to worry it is approved by the RBI.

Google servers are very protected when it comes to other services. Each transaction that occurs on this app end to end encrypted.

You do not need to think twice before you start using the Google Pay for PC the best payment app, because you will be provided by an OTP before you do any transaction.

In My opinion, Google Pay is the most secure payment application that is available in the market for free of cost.

Below we will be providing you a quick summary of Google Pay’s features so that using the app on PC will become so easier for you, take a look at it.

Features of Google Pay for PC?

Google Pay for Laptop

1.You can do no of transaction.

2. Private information such as bank account and password are secured over the safe servers of Google.

3.Free to use this app on PC, it do not chrage for each transaction that you does.

4.Avaiable in all over india, you can pay to various retail store via mobile no or QR code.

5. Recharge, Pay bills, and transfer money from one bank account to another bank account without any issue.

6. Cofortable with both iOS and Andriod devices.

7.It is approved by the indias big bank RBI which is the primary body of indian currency.

8. If you reallly worring about the security, you can simply approach to the near bank branch.

9. Download free of cost.

10. Comes from Google LLC, so you can trust this large company, which has given promising results earlier.

One of the Easy Way to Get Downloaded Google Pay for PC on Windows 8/8.1/10/7 and Mac

Google Pay for Mac

Why iam saying one of the easiest ways of using the Gooogle PAy App on Windows PC and Mac PC is because you will never see any other process.

And the process itself is easy and achievable without much effort. You simply require an Andriod based emulator bluestacks, that will help you to use this application or any other Andriod and iOS-based apps on Windows PC, Mac, and personal computer.

1.You will be going to the home page of the bluestacks emulator once you click here.

2. Then you need to look after the download option of the emulator, once you find there simply click and download the emulator on your PC.

3. Now you have to use the downoaoded file and setup it on PC.

4. Wait for the installation process to over once it done open the emulator and login with Gmail account.

5. Then you need to open the play store on the emulator and enter the keywords “Google PAy for PC” and enter.

6. Now you will able to see the click on it and start using the online Payment applications on your personal computer.


1.Does Google Pay Chrages for transaction?

No Google Pay does not chrages for tranasction, they are free.

2. Does Google Pay Aproved by the Reserve Bank of India?

Yes, Google Pay for PC is approved by the RBI and NPCI.

3.How can i use Google Pay App on PC?

You can by using the emulator, the process was explained above read it, and get the app on your personal computer and Mac.

4.Does Google Pay for PC Availabl for Google Pay for Windows 10?

Yes, Google Pay available for All Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 32bit, Windows 64 bit.


Online Payment apps are becoming very popular in India, among them Google Pay for PC, is a highly trusted and most used app.

Using this ap on PC on Mobile so easy, you will be provided a free service by Gooogle LLC, and your data and personal information are completely safe and secure.

If you have this app on Mobile and you want to use it on PC, then I must recommend you to use it, because this app is completely free and it has a well-organized interface.